A different Viking story

The stonemasons of Hyllestad; a different Viking story.

Bicycle rental

We provide bicycles for adults, both touring bikes and sporty bikes: be sure that we have the right bike for you to explore the beautiful Sognefjord area.

Guided hike to Mount Robba

Join our guide Mona for a guided tour to Mount Robba, and experience the contrasts of the beautiful fjord landscape with the blue fjords cutting through the scenery, the green fields, lush valleys and the proud mountains shooting up from the fjords. 


Paddle on the beautiful and always breathtaking Lake Sørestrand.  Enjoy stunning scenery, and the natural tranquillity of Lavikdal. Canoeing is an activity for the whole family. It is not too difficult, and the experience being on the lake, gliding silently is second to none.  Our canoes are family sized and can hold two adults and two small children.    Good to know:  • Each canoe can hold either three adults or two adults and two small children under 55 pounds (25 kilograms) each. • No previous experience required • Bring water and packed lunch (possible to order in advance) • Minimum 1 person, maximum 12 persons • There are also several hiking trails in this area!  

Smithy Kjetil Torvund

Visit the smithy of Kjetil Torvund and experience the art of forging metal the traditional way with red-hot coals, hammer and anvil. Kjetil will demonstrate and talk about the different forging techniques and how one manipulates the hot metal into tools and decorative items.